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2021 Housing Prices

According to the data and analytics company Corelogic the country's home prices increased by an average of 17.2% this year. The 3 states with the highest rise in prices was Idaho (34.2%) , Arizona (26.1%), and Montana (24.3%). They also predict certain housing markets in Massachusetts, California, and Connecticut will decline over the next year.

Home Improvement Trends

Home remodels and home renovations can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. Last year's data from Google Trends helps us see the future of home transformations.

Ranked in order these are the rooms that had the most remodeling search interest across the country:

  1. Kitchen

  2. Basement

  3. Bathroom

  4. Home office

  5. Garage

  6. Bedroom

  7. Attic

  8. Backyard

It's no surprise the kitchen tops the list of rooms to remodel for many homeowners. This space is multi-functional and should be user-friendly as quite a bit of time is spent in this room. Kitchen trends for this year include more open concept designs, open shelving, larger tiles, and touchless faucets.

The garage is often bigger than your average "bonus room" but lacking in creative uses of its space. Convert your garage into a gym, a play room for the grandkids, or an art/hobby studio and your house becomes more unique and valuable.

Virginia's climate allows us to make the most out of our outdoor living spaces. DIY ideas can greatly improve this overlooked space and doesn't require as much money as other renovation projects. Building your own fire pit, cultivating a garden wall, or adding a BBQ grill island can go a long way.

It's encouraging to know that your house or vacation home has potential in a variety of ways. Home improvements can be a fun and profitable way to appreciate what you already have.