The "Tie Guy" Realtor

Chincoteague, VA

About Me

Known as “The Tie Guy,” I always seek to provide both professionalism and friendliness to my work. My experience with political campaigns and voter outreach programs has taught me that every interaction is an opportunity.

In the real estate industry my approach is quality over quantity. I'm devoted to my clients' individual goals. I have attention to detail and experienced mentors guiding me at my brokerage, Dockside Properties. I make it a point to interact with my clients and business partners more frequently than others might to ensure the best deal.

On my off days, you’ll find me playing with my kids at the beach, strolling along Main Street with my wife, or baking some exotic dessert to share with our community. Every day, I try to be in the moment. I am content when I recognize and appreciate the little moments in life.

Successful Realtors Know Their Local Market

One feature unique to rural areas such as the Eastern Shore is the reliance on septic tanks and cesspools in place of a big-city sewage system. Each year, septic inspections change the outcome of multiple contracts on the island. For example, buyers sign a contract for a local house listed with a 3-bedroom septic system. Although the house has 3 bedrooms, the septic inspection reveals the septic is only rated for a 2-bedroom household. This information can change the price of the house, cause conflict between the sellers and buyers, and even result in buyers backing out of a contract.

It's important you choose a realtor who knows what to do in these situations before they even come up. My colleagues and I work together for the best interest of both our clients. Often times this means doing extra research, extra phone calls, and extra clarification when writing offers and contracts. Rest assured, having a realtor to navigate the local market is better than going it alone.

Saxis, VA

Listing Sold After Only 29 Days


-This property needed lots of TLC to restore its former glory.

-Difficult to find a buyer for this kind of property, can be like finding a needle in a haystack

-Hard to get a loan on fixer-uppers, best if you can find all cash buyers


-Hired a photographer to highlight the biggest selling point -private beach on property

-Listed property at a fair market price after extensive research

-Negotiated a higher counter offer from interested buyers

Horntown, VA

Buyers' Favorite Property Purchased

I celebrated with my clients, The Mattsons, at one of their favorite Chincoteague Restaurants, The Ropewalk. I helped them find and close on four adjacent lots in Trails End, Virginia. In the timeframe of one month, we were able to go from touring properties to closing on my clients' top pick. They found their "unicorn" and I was happy to assist as their buyers' agent this time around. No matter how big or small your transaction is, I am dedicated to you as my client from start to finish.